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Best Quantitative Investment Strategies We Have Tested

However, Morgan Stanley research is proving just how resilient our global economy is. The industry expected to see the largest profit growth in 2021 and over the next decade is in healthcare & social assistance. This trend is due to the large population of aging Baby Boomers, people living longer and more patients with chronic illnesses. Unsurprisingly, corporate profits plummeted in Q1 and Q2 of 2020 due to the pandemic. As COVID-19 infections started to decrease, businesses began reopening and people began spending more money. “I believe in focusing on your goals and working back from there versus reacting, ” says certified financial planner Bobbi Rebell, host of the Financial Grownup podcast.

Businesses across many industries are having a difficult time staying above water since the Coronavirus pandemic. While some businesses will struggle to recover when the pandemic finally subsides, there are a number of industries set to thrive in 2021.

“So no change driven by outside factors, ” like the events you might hear about in the news. Zoom isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the work-from-home crowd.

Pent up demand will drive the comeback of these sectors. In 2019, junk bonds produced one of the highest yield returns in a decade. There is such a thing as “better quality” junk bonds, which may give lower returns but less risk of default. Junk bonds took a big hit in 2020, but have slowly been recovering and look to continue that trend in the coming year. This midyear prediction went against forecasts of lower global growth.

For more information about what to expect within 2021 and over the following 5 years, take a look at our own housing market predictions. CBD is a compound found out in hemp plants plus is now legal within all 50 U. H. states. According to the report by Brightfield Team, since the nationwide legalization the market has developed 132%, and is forecasted to hit $22 billion dollars by 2022. A global pandemic that has infected huge numbers of people and killed hundreds associated with thousands is naturally going in order to benefit the life plus health insurance industries monetarily.

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With increased and more individuals needing health care, or in least the safety associated with having medical health insurance, it can make sense that life insurance coverage is at the forefront of our minds as well. Online meeting platforms have also seen a ton of growth this year and that’s expected to continue in 2021. Because biotech makes products across four huge industries, many of which are growing, it’s not hard to see why people are looking to invest here in 2021. And because most PPE has an expiration date, demand should remain steady.