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We’ve heard of other cases with other airlines about how your name on the ticket must be spelled correctly — or you could be denied boarding. So it’s a word of caution to always check your ticket after issue and to call the airline immediately if you notice any discrepancies. I hope you can correct with this kind of issues because at that day not only me but other passengers also mentioned about that. I just hope all those flight attendants understand that we purchase the flight tickets by our own money, we didn’t ask for free so please do your work politely. Another thing is before landing 15 minutes, they came and grabbed all the headsets from everyone without asking politely.

On the next leg from Dubai to Lusaka (6-½ hours), we had another breakfast – this time, a cold egg-salad croissant and fruit salad for a light breakfast. Everyone has to recline though, or you feel squished with the seat in front of you right in your face. But , sigh… The more spacious configuration seems to be a thing of the past, as airlines shift to a layout in Economy.

The option of a direct flight takes a lot of the stress out of flying with no worries about missed connections or long layovers. I would definitely go out of my way to fly TAP Air again. For the privacy of other passengers, photos and videos aren’t allowed in the TAP Air Lounge at Lisbon airport, so I only have the couple of photos that I took before we were informed of this. We flew out on a Saturday morning and the lounge was packed. At both SFO and Lisbon airports the check-in experience was amazing.

I opted for another mini prosecco, since there was a real glass on offer. The pre-dinner snack was pretzels, the same as in economy.

This is the first time I experienced something like that on board. It’s too funny and I have flown many times but no one treat us like that. The plane is absolutely nice and comfortable but my flight experience was bad, the flight attendants seem so rude! They treat us like we are lower than them, while we bought tickets by our own money, we didn’t ask for free! When they gave us the food they didn’t say anything nor smile but just gave the food and gave us with the strong facial expressions. My name is Neary, my flight on 22th January 2020, from Bangkok Thailand to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Luxury travel journalists and SATW, NATJA and TMAC “Best Travel Blog” award winners, Janice and George are the owners and founders of Sand In My Suitcase.

If you have specific dietary restrictions or allergies, please inform us at least 48 hours before your departure in order to preselect one of our 11 special meals. A timely, vividly realized reminder to slow down and harness the restorative wonders of serenity. Financial journalist Davidson explores the new economy of pursuing one’s dreams instead of plodding through a thankless career. Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry influencers in the know since 1933. Wings clipped for now, we’re award-winning travel writers staying close-to-home. But we’re still tasting and virtually discovering the world.

The lines were short, moved quickly and the airport staff was so friendly! On board, flight attendants were polite, professional, and clearly busy, but always happy to respond to whatever we needed.

Economy Review

We give you the honest scoop here in our Emirates Economy Class review. It wasn’t great, but I was still impressed by the flight overall. The coq au vin was surprisingly delicious and fresh tasting — a big step up from what I’d eaten in economy. The cake was also pretty good, though the salad was wilted and boring. The flight attendants came around offering warm bread rolls, which was a nice touch.